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I used to search for top mobile games at App rankings, and soon I found Lep’s world ranking pretty high up there. After playing several minutes, it reminded me of console game Super Mario no matter from game graphics or operations. I’m a big fan of Mario, but I haven’t played Super Mario on mobile yet, because I feel worry that Super Mario on Android or iOS may ruin this classic. While similar to Super Mario, Lep’s world 2 did not let me down and it’s even better than my expectation, especially, its background music sounds light to ease me feel good which gives a sense of traditional Celtic and Irish music.

Lep’s world

Four gamplay buttons, including forward, backward, jump and shoot pine nuts, show very clearly what I should do in game. Lep can kill monsters by getting pine nuts or jumping high to step on them, while monster with long thorns cannot be step on, otherwise Lep will lose life. Different from unlimited bullets of Mario, Lep’s pine nuts need to be collect on the way, which number is limited within 10. So it always let me consider whether I shoot monster at the moment. Have a look at the official trailer below.

Except for collect the must-have pot of gold, collecting coins is important too because Lep could get an extra life once the number of coins reach 100, that is to say, life of Lep can be unlimited. And it’s said ten different gears and skills are in the Lep’s World. Have you already got them and reached the peak of perfection? I think that won’t be hard. And it’s worth mentioning that the flagpole is not the end point, if the game is over, player can get started at the flagpole next time.

Lep’s world

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I regard that quite reasonable that unlimited supply of pine nuts for attacking while facing the boss at each quest. Player can get pine nuts from both left and right. I feel very happy to this point. Moreover, the game picture is remarkable with natural colors that do not offend the eyes.

Lep’s world

Lep’s world is well suited for playing at bored time. Completing one quest only spends a very short period, and you’ll feel exciting as you kill one and after another monsters and pass through a series of difficulties. Though it will annoy you when you get stuck at a place, it’s the joy of playing mobile game, isn’t it? Download Lep’s world 2 Free on Get 5 Store and App Store:

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