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When it comes to endless-running games, Temple Run and Subway Surfers is highly recommended. Subway Surfers is an endless action video game for player to take a role as average teen vandalizing a subway train who is caught by The Inspector and his dog. And you should run away from the police, otherwise you’ll be caught. And this article is to show you a guide to Subway Sufers.


Try to Stay High

Maneuvering around the hazardous tracks in the game involves a lot of running, dashing and jumping. The safest method you’ll need to use when making your run’s is by running atop the trains. By staying high, you’ll have an easier run that’s not packed with instances of avoiding a bunch of several obstacles. When you jump off those trains and move in mid-air, your character will move into a diagonal movement. Diagonal jumps and movement will get you very far.


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Learn About the Powerup’s The Game Has

-Do not get any other gear if you do not want to get down from the sky.
-Gives you flying ability over all the trains and obstacles and you can still get a bunch of coins in the process.
-These make you run a lot faster and the guard will be waaay behind.
-While active, this magnet collects all the coins around you.

Super Sneakers make you run a lot faster and the guard will be way behind

Jumping is the actual art that you have to practice and master because the good jumps can make the difference between a continued run and a “game over”: especially when dealing with the jumps from one train to another. There’s not much I can say here, just make sure you time the jumps right and you’ll be fine!


Running Backwards

This is another glitch that will allow players to run backwards.
-To start this, players will have to either buy or get the Mystery Box and a Mega Headstart, a powerup.
-Soon after you start, players will have to kill themselves.
-Following the death, click on the Mega Headstart and activate it.
-Now you will start flying backwards.
-Note: This process might not be easy and several attempts will be needed.


Lucky Death

Lucky Death is when you bump into an obstacle you will just stand and run without moving, until you move to another lane, continuing the game.
-When there is an obstacle in front of you, and a train on the right (left), in a moment before death quickly turn to the side of the train.
-Swipe in any direction to keep moving!
Note: This glitch is very rare so it won't always work.


These are small cheats and tips for Subway Surfers, if you have any more, just comment below. Just running as longer as you can, you, order disrupter. Download Subway Surfers at Get5 Store and App Store now:

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