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Soon after being introduced at an LG event in New York today for the first G2 to Hanoi, due to a phone shop imported from Korea. G2 is the first in Vietnam to the South Korean LTE-A, the battery cover is removable, and comes two batteries in beautiful white. As an introduction I was very impressed about the thin edges of the screen when holding it in his hand and it was really great, certainly most of us will find it beautiful.

G2 is packed in a paper box is quite compact with the basic accessories such as chargers, cables, headphones and ... machine. Because the version for the Korean market to integrate a member LG batteries for use in other cases depleted batteries. In addition we have added a mission to stop the machine for other rechargeable batteries left. While international G2 back cover and non-removable 3000mAh battery, the Korean G2 removable back cover, 2610mAh battery and the antenna on the right side of the machine.

From first glance and first touch is the G2 has many beautiful and although you may not like the design soft, rounded compared to the G2 Optimus G is square and strong. The machine does not have any side buttons as keys to increase / decrease the volume and power button has been moved to the rear LG the back, just below the cluster with flash camera. Using a short time I became acquainted with this type of button placement, it does not pose any obstacle to its use during the open air as well as buttons to increase or decrease the volume.

Talk a little thin on the edges of the screen as it is one of the striking features make the G2. Although computer screen 5 "2 but by thin rims that hold the camera does not feel too big offset rims makes the machine more beautiful and sexy. G2 screen has a resolution of Full-HD quality display very sharp. because equipped Snapdragon processor by Qualcomm 800 most powerful performance to the G2 is very commendable. Okay, now invites you to view photos and videos opener. spending review Details of G2 will be available in the near future. (Google Translate)

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