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If you are a crazy fan of fighting game, you won't miss Shadow Fight 2, today I want to introduce you guys the weapon informations I've collected while I'm playing the android version.


Even though this game is quite similar to FTG games, but if you play it for a long time, you'll find out that this game is very strict with equipments, especially weapons. So, let me give you a brief introduction about Shadow Fight 2 equipments, hope my article can help you guys.



Knives attack speed are quick, but for their hilt are too short, the range of their attack is also too short. If you choose knives, you should get close to your enemy and take a whack at him.



Just like Knives' feature, knuckles are high attack speed and short attack range weapons. So in an actual battle, the usage of knuckles is similar to Knives.



Sai are easier to use in Shadow Fight 2, and their attack range are longer than above. But these three weapons attack speed are nearly the same.


Steel Batons

Steel Batons are quite powerful along with its low attack speed, and their attack range is short as knives'. So when you fight with Steel Batons, you can't hit your enemy frequently, just take care of the enemy's movement, and seize the moment to beat him.



These weapons' attack range, attack speed, and ATK are balanced quite well, they're very fit for newbies.


Ninja Sword

Ninja sword is the longest-attack-range weapon, and its damage is quite amazing. The only shortage of it is that it may lead to be hit by enemies easily for its attack speed is low.



I think daggers' attack speed is the highest in this game. Though daggers' attack range is the shortest, but the high attack speed of daggers offsets the shortage of the attack range.

Is my introdution of weapons helpful to you guys? Shadow Fight 2 is available on Get5 store and app store now:

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