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Spooklands, a survival one-finger shooter for mobile devices developed by Luderia, just got a release date set. It's coming out August 21st for iOS and Android devices. 

Spooklands has a unique gameplay crafted for mobile devices, in which you tap to shoot in your finger's direction and move in the opposite way. Holding the touch charges a powerful shot that pierces through enemies and moves you farther.


In Spooklands, matches are endless much in the way of an infinite runner. But get hit three times, and it's game over. Try to beat Amazonia’s Curupira, the Spider Queen from Spider’s Nest and the Demon Goat, pride of Necropolis. Earn the ultimate boasting medal and share your accomplishments with friends.


Unlock a total of 10 power-ups by beating score goals! Be a nonstopping machinegun with the Wand of Crystal Power, enter bullet time with the Edible Snail, spawn exploding shells from the Mayan Relic and see the Happy Face go full baby on your toys.


Keep shooting, keep moving, and fight for power-ups to help on your quest to get the best possible score!

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