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A Samsung Galaxy S4 apparently burst into flames, destroying a whole apartment.

Mr. Du claimed that his Samsung device suddenly heated up and became a smartphone fireball, however there could be more to this than meets the eye.

According to Mr. Du, he was innocently sitting in his abode, playing a game on his Samsung Galaxy S4 when it ignited, causing the man to throw the device onto his sofa, which clearly didn’t meet flammability standards, and the couch then ignited, taking the whole apartment with it. Mr. Du and his wife managed to escape unharmed, but are insisting Samsung is at fault.

According to Xianguo.com, Mr. Du claims that all of the components being used were genuine Samsung-branded accessories, such as the battery, charger and even the device itself, rather than being pattern parts manufactured by an unknown third-party, but experts say that this is highly unlikely.

Assuming that the device did cause the explosion, there’s not enough power stored in a battery to create such a reaction, even if it was plugged into the mains and brands have to comply with strict safety standards, standards which are not always met by companies who manufacture cheap, unbranded components.

Samsung Hong Kong is investigating the matter and a chemical analysis of the explosion is being carried out, which should determine whether the battery and other parts were genuine Samsung ones or not. This isn’t the first time that Samsung has had to deal with this type of allegation and pattern parts have been found to be the culprits in those cases too, so it wouldn’t be unusual if that were the case in this situation as well.

The news comes a week after it was reported two iPhones exploded, leaving one lady dead and a Chinese man in a coma.

Both iDevice users were charging their devices, but it is now thought both were using non-genuine chargers that did no comply with Apple standards. As a result, Apple is urging people to use genuine chargers when topping up their smartphone.



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