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An emergency happened in the Sea Kingdom! Vicious AquaMonsters want to kidnap all baby fishes to teach them pick their noses and eat with dirty fins!

Game Ratings

Although the game is just with 2D image, the picture is exquisite.

The music is very magnificent.

As a shooter game, it have
various kinds weapons in it. Players can always experience different fun.


The game with a background in depths of the sea, you must face a variety of deep sea fish then beat them..


Aquator is easy to play, this simple but excited game gives me a very excited shooter game experience.

There are lots of games on Google Play like Doodle Jump uses the accelerometer as primary control, they're very effective games that offer near instant gratification and they're great for younger players as well as casual gamers, but there're less shooter game on the platform. Now let's see Aquator, it's a great 2D shooter game worth playing.

You play the role of the super awesome Aquator, defending the Sea Kingdom from criminal AquaMonsters. These thugs wish to teach younger fish the most abhorrent of things, such as picking their nose and eating with dirty fins. If this doesn’t motivate you to jump in your high powered aqua fish suit and squash these creeps, I don’t know what will.

Aquator for Android is fun and simple game that’s very easy to play. We will go ahead and tap the Play button and set ready to save the baby fishes. So here we have two Navigation options tilt to move around and tap to use the Nuke. What we are going to do now is simply tilt the device and move around and try shooting as many Monsters as you can and avoid their return fires.

The weapons are fired automatically. We will shoot these Evils before they shoot us. Here you can also see some studs flying around on the left and the right side avoid those. While playing you will also capture some power ups that enables the cool weapons.

You can also see the health heart icon on the bottom left side. Don’t let the Aquator Monsters down your health. If you see too many enemies on the screen don’t worry simply tap on the screen and use Nuke. This is end-all weapons.

When your game is over you can go back to the main menu or play again. So we will now click on main menu button. Here you can see the settings button.

If you go to the settings you can change the Sensitivity. You can increase or decrease the Sensitivity. You can also see the information about game developers and good news is that you can link this to your Google Account.

Aquator is available to download for free from Google Play and is definitely worth the download. If you’re looking for a fun and simple game that will have you drowning in a world of fishy injustice, take up fins and save the day!

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