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Qihoo CEO and co-founder, Zhou Hongyi, is famous in the Chinese tech industry,who recently said: “wireless industry pattern of next 5 years has been built, and it’s time for every company to show what they’ve got. However, Qihoo 360(NYSE:QIHU) is not strong enough now, we hope that we can make a set of wireless purchase to make our company grow and expand in a very short time, and when asked that: Can you reveal what exactly product line you pay attention to?” He said: “we’re contacting closely with some great products and companies about purchase.” “Is it the rumored DuoMi Music?” Zhou just simply replied:”We will let public know when the right time comes.”

We still remember that Baidu(NASDAQ:BIDU) paid $1.9 billion to buy 91 Wireless, the largest purchase on Chinese internet, seldom of you may know Qihoo 360(NYSE:QIHU) plays an important role in that purchase, when it comes to that “Baidu(NASDAQ:BIDU) paid $1.9 billion to buy 91 Wireless”, Qihoo 360(NYSE:QIHU) should be very worried about its biggest rival, Baidu(NASDAQ:BIDU), who has eaten a big cake and will become much stronger.

Face to the purchase that Baidu(NASDAQ:BIDU) buy 91 Wireless, Qihoo 360(NYSE:QIHU) is anxious indeed, just because that it’s beyond 360’s expectation, and under ecosystem that isn’t as good as Baidu(NASDAQ:BIDU), Qihoo 360(NYSE:QIHU) have to face the biggest rival. Wireless field of next 4 to 5 years has been built, what Qihoo 360(NYSE:QIHU) lacks now?

The latest news from us that it’s the A8 Music (HK:00800), 200 million! We really feel surprised that it’s not the DuoMi Music. Actually it’s so interesting that, if DuoMi Music is missed, then it’s impossible for A8 Music (HK:00800) to explode. And that’s why Liu Xiaosong keeps his mouth tight, and A8 Music (HK:00800) is negotiating with Qihoo 360(NYSE:QIHU) for a long time. Since DuoMi Music can’t be missed, then why not just purchase the whole upstream and downstream?

Just imagine that the whole online music platform is ready, and added with source of offline original music, the Qihoo 360(NYSE:QIHU) has advantage that Baidu(NASDAQ:BIDU) Music doesn’t have. On the Qihoo 360(NYSE:QIHU) platform, DuoMi absolutely has qualification to compete with Baidu(NASDAQ:BIDU) Music. And the future music robot, JINFG.FM, invested by A8 Music (HK:00800), has strong promotion platform too. For 200 million US dollars of premium price, twice of A8 Music (HK:00800), just take that as a joke. Does it mean that Qihoo 360(NYSE:QIHU) really get anxious? 200 million US dollars, dose Qihoo 360(NYSE:QIHU) has the same boldness as Baidu(NASDAQ:BIDU)?

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