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Combo Queen surprised me. It is a fast-paced hack and slash action RPG hybrid runner. I really like the mechanic and the brilliant art style of this game. Its graphics gives a the traditional classic style of arcade Games in 1980s. The game features a unique combo and parry system which involves precise timing and reaction based gameplay.

Your main objective is to plow through as many monsters as possible while taking on numerous challenges. Level up, learn new combo sets, and unlock a variety of powerful equipment for the main character, Queen.


Though having a strong attacking ability, her defensive power is relatively weak, so you'd better earn more gears for her when you are playing games and completing quests one and another. The developer aims to take the pleasure of combos with the most easy control. If there are more characters to choose, it probably will be more interesting.



- Unique combo and parry system
- Timing and reaction based gameplay
- Beautiful pixel art
- Intuitive controls
- RPG elements
- Many different monsters including rare monsters
- In-game minigames
- Random dungeons
- Endless gameplay
- Extra late-game challenges
- Easy to learn, hard to master

Download Combo Queen on Google Play and App Store:

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