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Square Enix and DeNA have announced Final Fantasy: Record Keeper for iOS and Android. Record Keeper will have you play as a hero named Apprentice. He loves history and is Dr. Mog's best pupil, apparently. As detailed by AnimeNetwork, his hero's journey is an unusual one, especially for the Final Fantasy series. Using Dr. Mog's magic, he jumps into paintings in order to retrieve the memories they hold.

Final Fantasy: Record Keeper

The cool thing about these memories is that they are taken from previous games in the Final Fantasy series. In fact, they involve scenes at Zanarkand, the big bridge, and the Northern Cave. Apprentice will also meet Final Fantasy III's Luneth, Final Fantasy VII's Cloud Strife, and Final Fantasy IX's Zidane Tribal along the way.

By clearing dungeons of the ferocious enemies inside, these past protagonists can be added to Apprentice's party, too. You can currently pre-register for Final Fantasy: Record Keeper and receive five Mythril as a gift when the game is released. However, it seems that Record Keeper is only available in Japan right now. Whether it becomes available elsewhere in the world isn't known. There's no release date for it yet, but it will be available on iOS and Android at launch.

Via: pocketgamer

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