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You are supposed to be ready for Zombie Killing in a state of most livings on the planet being infested and turned into zombies for your survival in the doomsday. Select your heroes buy and upgrade your weapons and take an exciting slaughter over Zombies to taste the thrill in the gaming world.


Three special heroes are ready for your upgrading with each owing different weapons.

·Several weapons is selectable with different attacks.

·Various Zombies.

·Various Mission Modes.

·Various rewards and achievements to challenge.


Game Modes

·Survival: Player fight with hundreds of Zombies and not get killed in a specific time

·Killing: Players go to kill a number of zombies in every stage

·Escape: Players try to get a targeted position with zombies chasing after

·Cage: Players need to get a special position in a specific time and with no killed

·Boss: Players will get a win only after defeat the zombie boss.


The game is easy to control and player canenjoy all the violence, taste the blood and release the anger!



Get yourself geared and enjoy the massacre fighting zombie bosses! Download the game immediately!



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