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We weren't that enamoured with Overkill 2. It was glittery gun-porn without much of a game underneath it. Overkill 3 looks like it's learned from those mistakes though. It's a third-person shooter that apparently boasts 'console-quality' graphics. They're certainly very shiny, that's for sure.

Overkill 3

The game is set to hit the App Store and Google Play Store in Autumn this year, and when it does it'll be free-to-play. Quite what shape that free-to-play model will take isn't clear yet though. It certainly looks impressive, as you can tell from the trailer back up at the top of the article. Third-person shooters are tough to do right on mobile, so it'll be intriguing to see what Craneballs comes up with.

As soon as we have a more concrete release date, or any more interesting information about the game, we'll be sure to let you know.

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