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Over the years, Android’s problems with music quality have been pretty much fixed, but a lot of people still use equalizers to get that extra boost in sound quality. Sure, it’s not a huge boost, but that little extra bump in quality can always kick things up a notch.

In a rush? Jump straight to the video, otherwise, stick with us as we take a look at the top 10 equalizers for Android!

#10 Music Equalizer

Music Equalizer by Rodrigo Kolb

Music Equalizer
Music Equalizer - The best sound for your Android Let their songs much better with the Music Equalizer!

First up on our list is the unimaginatively named Music Equalizer, developed by Rodrigo Kolb. It does just what you’d want it to do, and yes, we did have make the distinction because there’s a second app on this list sporting the exact same name.


#9 Equalizer FX

Equalizer FX

Equalizer FX (Free)
The application Equalizer FX allow you to improve sound for your android device.
With Equalizer FX you able to control audio settings and effects for your device.

Next up on our list is called Equalizer FX Free. This little equalizer app features a 6 band EQ, along with all of the usual goodies — presets, bass boost, visualization settings, and the ability to save custom profiles. It’s a great equalizer, and it does everything that you could want it to do.

We actually didn’t understand why people didn’t rate this higher. It’s not going to wow anyone, but it doesn’t harass you with ads like a lot of other options do. The only problem we really found was that half the presets had the bass maxed out. You have to turn the bass down or it starts sounding like Beats Audio. Whether that’s a bad thing or not, that’s up to you.


#8 AnEq Equalizer

AnEq Equalizer

AnEq Equalizer Free
Improve the sound of your device with a 5-band Equalizer. Create and store custom EQ presets.

Next on our list is AnEq Equalizer. This nifty little 5 band equalizer has both a free and a paid version, with the difference being nothing more than ads. We recommend taking the free version for a spin first, just to make sure the app is working properly on your device.

We have to admit, we had a little trouble with this app. As unfortunate as it is, it often force closes when trying to load any of the presets. That may have been just us, so it might be wise to check out the free version, first. Problems aside, it’s a simple 5 band equalizer app, with some presets, that can be nice if you just need a quick tweak.


#7 Auvio EQ

Auvio EQ

The AUVIO EQ app is designed to work with AUVIO brand headphones or standard music devices. 

Number seven on our list is Auvio EQ, and much like AnEq, this is a very simple equalizer. It’s actually designed for the Auvio brand of headsets, but it still works on Android devices. It comes with some music controls, and a small settings menu should you need them.

The main interface is where the EQ is and, like we stated earlier, it’s pretty simple. YOu move the 6 bands wherever you need them to go or you can select from a few presets, the bass boost, and reverb. So, the question is, is it nice? It’s nice, but it’s not anything special, it’s just your average equalizer.


#6 Music Equalizer

Music Equalizer by perfectionHOLIC apps

Music Equalizer
Improve your phone or tablet's sound quality with the best Equalizer app. Music Equalizer lets you adjust sound effect levels so that you get the best sound.

Next up is Music Equalizer, and as the name implies, it’s, well, an equalizer for music. With that said, you should also know that the sky is blue, Twilight is overrated, and Steve Ballmer is insane. Obvious facts aside, this is actually a really nice app with a very slick interface.

It opens up to a floating window, which is already really awesome, and proceeds to do exactly what it’s supposed to.  Unfortunately, like a few others on this list, its pitfall is that it thinks everyone wants maxed out bass on every preset. Sure, it’s not bad by any means, but it’d be nice to have some variety.

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