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Guncrafter Pro
Craft your own gun and compete against your friends, your enemies, or anyone in the world in a virtual reality shooting competition!

Everyone knows about Minecraft and its huge success, along with the many renditions of the concept. Rarely are those renditions any good, but a brand new game called Guncrafter seems to have a huge amount of potential here, and we’re going to give it the full review treatment. In a rush? Otherwise, stick with us as we take a closer look at the gameplay, graphics, pros, and cons of Guncrafter! It’s by no means a direct duplicate of Minecraft, as it actually does quite a few unique things. Can it rise above the array of low quality apps, though? Read on to find out!



Gameplay is just as you would expect. Being a simple game, the controls aren’t that difficult to grasp. In fact, there’s nothing you can’t do with a tilt of your phone, and a tap of your screen. This is especially helpful for people who hate those dreadful and complicated on-screen controls.Guncrafter_7When your first open up the game, you’ll be brought to a menu, which is where you choose to build, battle, view awards, or simply share your progress to social networks. Aside from keeping track of your achievements, the awards button doesn’t really do anything. The share button doesn’t do much either, unless you want to share what you’re doing to your friends on Facebook or some other social network. The fun begins in build mode. In this mode, you can build up to about a dozen guns with various materials. You start with a small square, 8 bullets per clip, and wood for your materials. As you level up, you get better materials, more bullets, and larger square to build more awesome weapons.Guncrafter_2Battle mode isn’t actually what you think it is. If you thought you were going to run around and shoot little Minecraft looking dudes, you’re wrong. In battle mode, you engage in shooting range style contests to see who can shoot the most blocks the fastest. There’s also a couple of extra modes — farming and chance. In farming, you plant flowers that you can later shoot to obtain additional money. For chance, you choose one of three black to shoot at, and then you can earn coins, plants, or nothing depending on how you shoot at them. All in all, it’s a very simple game, and it’s a lot of fun. However, due to its simplicity, it’s not going to be for everybody.



Guncrafter is based on the same, groundbreaking graphics that powered Minecraft. That said, you can expect everything to look like a block. The bullets, the guns, objects you shoot at, and etc. Every last thing in Guncrafter is literally a block.Guncrafter_3Don’t let the graphics fool you, though. As Minecraft proved, you can have a perfect fun and extremely popular game with graphics that look like they’re from 1985. When it comes down to it, this game is fun for its mechanics, and definitely not its looks. The game’s music was passable, at best. By that, we mean it had music, but it wasn’t anything particular good, or even relaxing like Minecraft’s. There’s not much you can ask out of Guncrafter’s music. Gun shots sound like gun shots, and there are a few addition sound effects for clicks, coins, and hitting blocks. If you’re looking for a full-fledged soundtrack, you’re going to be really disappointed.



And, here’s what we liked about the game. Guncrafter, at it’s core, is pretty fun. We found it easy to lose oneself for a sizable amount of time, tinkering with builds to get the best stats, and coin forming to unlock more guns. The build your own gun concept, altogether, and while unique, it works pretty well.Guncrafter_4Another thing we liked was the quick gameplay. There aren’t 15 minute battles where you have to be in the zone to play this game well. Rounds take a mere minute or two, and you can choose whether you want to face bots or real people in multiplayer matchmaking.Guncrafter_5The matchmaking system is probably one of our favorite parts of the game. It’s very fast at finding opponents. During our testing, it would only a few seconds before a game against another player was up and running. Luckily, there are enough players at all skill levels where you’re rarely matched up with someone who is ahead of you in upgrades by a large margin.



Finally, there are a few negatives about this game. While the build mode is a lot of fun, it has its limitations. The stats for your custom gun get better when you keep to the typical aesthetic of a gun, and we thought it was kind of weird that many of the wall designs were penalized with bad stats. Most guns with really good stats look like, well, real guns.Guncrafter_6Farming and chance mini games felt incomplete. There are only three options for chance games, and farming is really just placing plants at shooting at them later on. It really feels like there should have been more depth there, as it’s not really worth playing the mini games that much. However, it doesn’t take away from the main attraction of Guncrafter, which is a good thing. Lastly, we would’ve liked to see a whole lot more content. There are a mere six materials and five gun sizes. Sure, there are plenty of ways to build a gun, but one everything has been unlocked, there’s nothing left to do but dual. It’d be nice to see more stuff added in the future.


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Guncrafter Wrap up

At the end of the day, this is a cheap game that can takes weeks or months depending on how much you play, and how fast you get bored. Aside from being a cheap purchase, it’s a lot of fun despite the lack of long term content. Really, all this game is designing a block gun, and then shooting things with it.Guncrafter_1With that said, don’t underestimate how much it is to build guns and shoot things with them in Guncrafter. It’s very fast to get into, and it’s quite easy to get your first, few upgrades. You don’t run into the coin grind until later on in the game. We really do recommend this game. After all, it costs a mere dollar, and there’s even a free version to take for a test run before you decide on the full purchase. You can spend more if you wish to unlock things faster, but really, you can go through the full game without making any purchases. We really liked that, and so will a lot of other people.

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