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HTC One Galaxy S4 Google Play Edition

Here’s some good news if you’ve been eagerly awaiting the arrival of your new smartphone, the Google Edition Samsung Galaxy S4 and HTC One handsets have begun shipping out from Google, right on schedule. If you pre-ordered one, then you should receive an email with a tracking number sometime today.

As you probably already know, the Google Edition versions of the Galaxy S4 and HTC One are pretty much just stock Android versions of these flagship handsets, with exactly the same hardware as their standard counterparts. .

One of the major perks, beside the absence of Samsung and HTC user interfaces, being that you’ll receive Android updates quicker than you would on a standard Galaxy S4 or HTC One handset.Android 4.3 is incoming, and is already expected to land on these Google Edition smartphones in just a few weeks, now that the handsets are shipping out.

If you need a quick recap of the differences, or if you’re still undecided about whether you should choose stock Android over Touchwiz or Sense 5, then check out our own David Gonzales’ recent breakdown of the stock Samsung Galaxy S4. If you haven’t already ordered your handset, there's still time to grab one from the Google Play Store.

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