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Today Blade of God officially launches its trailor. Blade of God is a fantasy 3D Action Role-playing Mobile Game with visually stunning pictures, splendid skills, 45M mini game pack, 2000 awesome Warpets, breathtaking cross-server battle and unique and creative gameplay. The game has made a big hit in many countries of Asia since its launching. Now it will be landing in Europe and America.

Blade of God

Blade of God is based on the story of Ola Continent in the postwar period of the Gods and the Evil. The Goddess has been sleeping for over 300 years, her disciple Guinevere was captured, the Demon King will revive and the Dark Church is about to invade, a calamity is approaching the Ola Continent again!

You, as the apprentice of Knight Silver Wing, will be on your journey to save the world.

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