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Deadwalk:The last war has been realeased in 11th this month! Zombies evolved to various stages will constantly appear to lessen your chances of survival. How to avoid these zombies? Here are some good cheats, tips and guide for you to survive in this strategy mobile game.

How do I get Resources?

Main ways to get resources:

  • (1) Build and Upgrade Resource Buildings. Resource Buildings will automatically produce a certain amount of Resources per hour according to their Level.
  • (2) Occupy Resource Tiles. Throughout the Region Map, there are many Resource Tiles. Send Troops and Defeat the defending Enemy to Occupy the Resource Tile and begin Gathering Resources.
  • (3) Invade Cities. Invading other Survivors' Cities is the fastest way to earn Resources.

What is a Champion?

Champions were developed by the Ocheim Group for the purpose of leading Human Soldiers into battle against Zombies. After the 'Apocalypse' and with the fall of Ocheim, some Survivors acquired the Champion Development Technology through unknown means.

Champions are divided into 6 Classes (E, D, C, B, A, and S). The higher the class is the more powerful the Champion. Some Champions have the ability to evolve into higher classes.


What is a Champion Talent?

Talents increase Champions and their Soldiers' Stats. These are very important for all Champions.
Champions gain Talent Points as they Level Up. They can then use the Talent Points to learn new Talents.

What is a Champion Skill

Champion learns Skills by using Skill Books. Every Skill requires different Skill Points according to its level and rarity. Champions have a maximum number of Skills Points, which can be increased by leveling up.

What are the specialties of the different Soldiers?

Light Soldier: Good in Speed and Dodge, weak in Defense. Strong versus Heavy Soldiers.
Medium Soldier: Balanced stats. Strong versus Light Soldiers.
Heavy Soldier: Good in Defense and Attack, weak in Speed and Dodge. Strong versus Medium Soldiers.


How do I bring more Soldiers into Battle?

The max amount of deployed soldiers depends on the Leadership of Champion. The Leadership can be increased by using Smart Chips or level up.

How is the order of Attacks during a Battle determined?

The order is determined by Speed, with the fastest Soldiers Attacking first.

How is a Battle won?

After entering the Battlefield, the sides Attack in order. Each Soldier's Attack target is the Enemy in the foremost Row of the Column directly across from him. If there are no Enemy Soldiers in the Column across from him, he will begin Attacking the Champion. A defeat is when one side's Champion HP has been reduced to 0.


How do I develop my Champion?

After each battle, the Champion will gain XP according to the type and level of Enemy Units destroyed. Champions will level up when gaining a certain amount of XP. Some Champions can be evolved after reaching Max Level. Evolution increases the Class of the Champion, while the Max Level and Initial Skill will also be upgraded.

What are the advantages of joining a League?

Leagues are formed by groups of Survivors. Fellow League Members can send each other Resources, and Speed Up each others Building, Training, Research and Item Crafting. All Leagues can also provide League Buffs and Special League Shop Items to Members.

What is a Capital Battle?

Capitals are a testimony to Human civilization. Even in Apocalyptic times, the Capitals survive. Because it is the capital of a Region, whoever Controls the Capital Controls that Region, and enjoys an endless supply of Resources and Glory.

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