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Electronic Arts may no longer call Dungeon Keeper “free” in advertisements in the U.K.

The U.K. Advertising Standards Agency found that EA violated its rules and misled customers. In an advertisement for Dungeon Keeper, a free-to-play mobile defense-strategy game with in-app purchases, the publisher explicitly said that you could get the game “for free.” The U.K. authority took issue with that characterization, and it will no longer permit EA to use that ad.

Dungeon Keeper is available now on iOS and Android. While it is free to download, gameplay timers often prevent you from playing unless you purchase more time.


In its defense, EA said that anyone could download the game at no cost and that the “average player” expects in-app purchases. 


While this might seem like the ASA is coming down on all free-to-play games, the regulator went on to note that Dungeon Keeper’s in-app purchases are particularly egregious.

EA chief executive officer Andrew Wilson eventually conceded that the company made a misstep with Dungeon Keeper.


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