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hansnow Posted Jun 28 2015

Do you often use Mind Map App during your work? Have you find out the most useful Mind Map App for yourself? If not, Mindly would be a great choice. Mindly is designed with a new thinking framework, which make the link between the branches and the trunk like planets that circle around the sun, each concept gets its place in a natural and hierarchical structure.


Hierarchical Model like Star Chart

When it comes to making mind maps, dealing with include or parallel relationship between all elements is ultimately. Different from other Mind Map App, Mindly designs its branches into annular stars. This design not only makes the map clearer, but also simplifies the operation steps. You can add branches or elements by simple click. Moreover, you can tune out your complete mind map or sharing your options.


Delightful Interactive Animation

Because of its excellent interactive animation, you will feel much when making mind map with Mindly. If paddling element ring, they will run around the center “planet”. You can add a new element by clicking “+”in the circles or edit a specific element by clicking it double. You can also add description, color or emoticon for each element.


If you need to add images or links in your mind map, click the icon on the upper right of your screen, select picture or link, press and drag it into the ring or element. If you feel one element is excess, long press it and drag it into the black hole which is at the bottom right of your screen. Then, you will find that the element is deleted.


Cloud Storage, Output conveniently

Mindly support DropBox cloud sync, you can also generate screenshot or PDF file for printing.


Download Mindly Here:

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