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MMOsite 10th Anniversary
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Kill Me Again, recently soft-launched by NHN Entertainment's publishing brand TOAST, is now available in Singapore, Sweden, and Ireland. The disease is slowly spreading from Northern Europe and the major hub in Asia out into the rest of the world.

Kill Me Again

Kill Me Again, published by TOAST and developed in-house by NHN PixelCube Corp., introduces tense combat carnage to simple to learn puzzle gameplay. With complete freedom of movement with the puzzle mechanics, players can make matches and combos from anywhere on their board. Players must plan their attacks, react quickly, and use skills to the massive effect before being eaten alive by the mutants festering in the dark corners of the District.

As a mercenary looking for work in a lost and decaying city, the local police force has turned on the citizenry. Everyone is infected, waiting to die, waiting to change into a walking monstrosity. As the survivors stab and claw for resources, all ties to the former society are severed, and you must turn this tortured nightmare into profit. Gather a crew of Mercs to change this doomsday pandemic into a force to save the world from crisis.

Kill Me Again

Fight through waves of pus-ridden mutating humans in your mission to survive.

  • Establish a Guild of Mercs and compete against each other for weapons and resources.
  • Raid the Labs under the city. Equip your Mercs with a military grade arsenal. Upgrade your gear to survive whatever crawls out of the dark.
  • Prepare yourself for the horror you encounter with grenades, syringes of adrenaline, and missile support from the Mercs that haven't gone mad.
  • Rescue Survivors as you complete more Missions and learn more about the world. Gather up other Mercs in the ongoing Pre-Registration Event. The more Mercs that sign up, the better chance we all have of surviving.

Kill Me Again

Key Features

  • Free puzzle block movement allows the Merc to make several matches in one move. It's a much more complex matching system than you're used to.
  • There are no set turns when battling swarms of undead. Be quick and plan your attacks in real-time or you'll soon be overwhelmed.
  • Listen to the barrage of gunfire from the Mercs on the barricades and the swelling cacophony of groans and screams in this terrifying thriller.
  • Craft hundreds of hardcore weaponry with scientific enhancements, designed to disable and destroy the mutant monsters.

Available on Google play

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