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Super Pixelander is a big, bright, pixel-edged shooter from the creator of the Danmaku Unlimited series, and it's set to hit the App Store and the Google Play Store on Thursday. The game mixes together aspects of Super Crate Box and the very best arcade blasters to create a tilty, gem-grabbing twitch-fest that's a lot of fun.

Super Pixelander

You control a spaceship tasked with mining glowing asteroids. You push on the screen to fly forwards and tilt your phone to weave around the screen. You're propelled by projectiles which can destroy the enemy ships, rockets, and deadly space rocks that are careening around the screen. When you grab the glittery space gems that are the aim of your mad flight through the firmament your gun changes. You might be pooping lasers now, or excreting hot bullets from your machine gun rear end.

Super Pixelander also looks gorgeous. All pixel-art spaceships and big green beams of laser-based death. The game will be landing on iOS and Android on June 26th, and when it does it won't cost you a penny to give it a go. Don't worry though, it's supported by ads rather than IAPs. If you fancy some crazy deep space twitch violence that it's definitely worth checking out.

Via: pocketgamer

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