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Sain Posted Jun 22 2015

Have you ever dreamt of being an astronomer? Do you like watching the stars in the sky and identifying them? If your answer is yes, then SkyView is the app you can't miss. It's a beautiful and intuitive stargazing app that uses your camera to precisely spot and identify celestial objects in sky, day or night.


Easy to use

SkyView is a convenient app. You can use it easily by just pointing your mobile device skyward to locate constellations, planets, and even man-made space stations. There is a somewhat helpful introductory tutorial and a help section in the setting. Once accustomed to the controls, users are able to search for sky objects, track their orbital paths, and read facts about them. The setting can be adjusted to view only planets or constellations, increase the sizes of objects, remove the camera view, etc.

Skyview  Skyview

Magical searching function

If you're looking for a particular constellation or planet, you can also simply hit the Search button and make your selection. Then, when you go back to the main screen, you'll see an arrow guiding you to your destination.

What's more, this app can also show you the upcoming sightings. You can check what will be flying over your location in the near future, and set a schedule reminders for the interesting satellites.

Skyview  Skyview

Handy learning tool

I'd say SkyView is really a perfect app to help get kids interested in the universe around them. When an object is highlighted, you can tap on the screen and then you'll see a list of facts, which you can then cycle through, making Sky View a handy learning tool.

Skyview  Skyview


As we said above, SkyView can be used anytime in day or night. However, because of the glare, it's difficult to navigate during daytime sky-gazing. If you choose to explore the sky during the day, you'll often be heading for shade to get the most use out of this app.

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