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The Minuum keyboard is an interesting concept. While most keyboards try to make typing more intuitive, Minuum is trying to rethink typing altogether. They’re not interested in improving swipe functionality on a QWERTY keyboard, or predictive text. Instead, they want to give you more screen to look at.

The concept is pretty simple, but radically different. By making the keyboard compact, it allows us to fully appreciate our screen sizes. It doesn’t necessarily ask us to relearn typing, though it does seem like it would require a bit of a learning curve.

After a wildly successful Indiegogo campaign, the Minuum team is sending the keyboard out to backers starting tomorrow. Even though the new keyboard is still in beta form, those early adopters will get a chance to give much needed feedback to the project. It has a lot of promise, especially as we become more involved in newer hardware mediums.

If you’ve never seen Minuum, check out the video below.

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