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If you like a bit of oddity in your games, Ramble Planet is a completely free and wonderful scavenger hunt RPG worth playing. It'll have you wandering the hostile regions and tourist hotspots of the alien planet Badmark in search of parts that'll help you fix up your wrecked ship.


To get those parts, you'll need to get very familiar with how the various regions and fauna of Badmark operate and interconnect.


You'll be ambushed in the desert, have to guide a shadow to a certain spot, and will hear screams from behind locked doors. You'll be constantly surprised by what happens around you.


It's all depicted with the garish colours of a ZX Spectrum palette and evocative passages of text. So, your imagination is needed to fill in the grisly details here.

There is combat in the game but it's not the main focus. As such, you can't lose a fight. If you're the same level as - or higher than - a creature, you'll defeat it. If you're a lower level, you just have to come back to it later.


Most of the time, you'll be exploring and trying to piece together this large and sprawling puzzle world. You'll need to pay stern attention if you want to complete this game.


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