Primo Gives You A Chance to See the Real Faces of the Women with Makeup

hatake Posted Jun 15 2015

Along with an increasing number of photography applications, cosmetic surgery and make-up emerges, the woman's face in the photographs online we see become more and more beautiful. I don't believe it's from good heredity at all. What if you want to see the real face of the woman you are dating, just in case you find a completely different face for the woman you get married to?! Nothing can help you get out of that kind of trouble, but Primo, to some degree, probably can help.

Brief Description

Primo is a Japanese App that is available on Google Play and App Store. It is designed to automatically analyze images of wonman with makeup on, then remove all makeup from a subject's face. This App is free to download. The user experience on Android is not as satisfactory as the iOS version.


I give it a tentative 3 out of 5. The use of Primo is extremely simple. Upload a image and press the start button, the big eyes, the big face, and the skin-beautifying effect will be corrected. To test this App, I used it by uploading a photo of myself and checked whether it could turn me to normal. It did work. There was no smooth skin and brightness effects left. In addition, it has a human-friendly design that allows me to check the difference between the Before and After photos.


UI Design

The interface of Primo is as simple as its usage. It has average sounds and graphics. At the first sight, it was very appealing, while after several times of use, I found it had slightly appealing.

It seems Primo shakes the status of a variety of beautifying Apps, while one of the popular beautifying App developers points out that Primo is only a entertaining App rather than a functional app. I agree! Primo does not have any impressive technology, it arouses the interests of people who love beautifying Apps almost for the clever stunt.



  • Easy to use and directions are clear and simple to follow;
  • Give a reference to you in search a girlfriend or wife;
  • Correct the big eyes, big face, and skin-beautifying;
  • Performs and loads quickly.


  • Single function;
  • Somewhat engaging, but lost motivation after a short time.

Download Promo on Google Play and App Store:

available_on_googleplay available_on_appstore

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