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Angry Birds Epic is a new RPG for the iOS, Android and Windows Phone platforms featuring everyone's favorite birds and pigs. Your goal is to quest from stage to stage, defeating a nearly endless army of pigs, rescuing birds, earning treasure, and unlocking loads of tv, comics and other goodies. Read on for some tips and tricks for Angry Birds Epic!


Experience points take forever to earn, especially on stages that you have already beaten before; however, each time that you gain an experience level, every single one of your birds will receive a boost in both health and attack power. There is no lives/energy limiter in this game, so you can battle as many times as you want, as quickly as you want, in order to earn energy.

The other way is to get more equipment. To do this, you’ll need to unlock various shops, which can only be done by getting through stages until you unlock specific weapons, helmets and/or shields. Weapons will increase your attack power, shields will increase your health and helmets will change your attacks and your alternate moves. Each of them will also have a different buff, such as effects on you or the enemy.

Now let's get to know some tips and guides, follow them and you may succeed easily!

1. Find the prizes


Though the core gameplay of Angry Birds Epic is a strategic turn-based combat game, there's a dash of casual gaming thrown in here too. Be sure to hop into the game regularly in order to harvest resources from the nodes you unlock throughout your progress. On that note, you'll also want to do the mission with the golden pig every day, first thing, in order to keep collecting the all-important gold pieces.

2. Save up for the Golden Anvil


Don't blow your gold pieces on silly stuff like revives, gambling for loot, or rerolling crafts when there are permanent upgrades to save up for. Between the Golden Anvil, the Golden Cauldron, and the Golden Chili, it's hard to pick which to go for first. The Golden Anvil wins out because quality gear will provide the most consistent, ongoing bonus through improved crafted gear, as opposed to the cauldron which simply provides more consumables which you shouldn't be heavily relying on, or the chili which lets you start off a mission with a bang, but nothing else after that. Limited time special offers will pop up once in awhile that cuts the gold cost in half, so it's generally wise to wait for those before biting the bullet. Ultimately it's up to your personal play style, but the anvil is our pick.

3. When you hit a stone wall, backtrack


Odds are you haven't three-starred every mission you've progressed. If the most recent mission is giving you an especially hard time, go back and do some older missions. Most will still have some challenge to them, and you'll earn rewards one way or the other. Keep an eye out for treasure chests on the map, and explore nearby stages to win them. If a chest is available, it will show above the prize wheel when you tap through. You can also target stages you haven't managed to get 3 stars on just yet.

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