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Days of Wonder has just issued a big update to the Silver Award-winning Small World 2.It features a host of new features, the biggest of which is the "Tournament Style" multiplayer mode.


This new mode is available in Single Session and Multiple Session flavours. It's played in real time but is still turn based. It's a little like speed chess, so, yes, each player has an allocated time in which to take its turn in each match.

You can arrange how much time each player has to make its turn as you wish. However, those that do run out of time or quit early will be automatically replaced with an AI bot.


To accompany this new multiplayer mode, Days of Wonder has included an Online Arena. It comes with a lobby, real-time chat, a list of connected players, and a new invitation system.

Days of Wonder hopes that this will not only make it easier to set up online matches with other players, but also to build the community.


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