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Here are a best 10 news list for this week, if you did not follow us day by day, you can read this list to know what the hot things have happened in the week

1.10 Android Games You Should Not Miss Today

10 Android Games You Should Not Miss Today

Here are 10 fresh new game we recommend most, enjoy them please.

2.Neon Genesis Evangelion SH-06D limited edition Android phone arrives June 29th

Sharp's heavily customized NERV Edition SH-06D phone finally has preorder and release date info on Japanese carrier NTT DoCoMo, and Neon Genesis Evangelion fanboys will want to get there early.

3.Game Collection in Pandaapp(1)

Game Collection in Pandaapp(2)

I recommended you for 10 games which we recommend in our website.Hope you enjoy this game collection.

4.iPhone 4S vs. Galaxy S3 Free Drop, Kid Drop, Car Drop Test

Here is the actually drop test performed by a member from Android Authority, that features a white Galaxy S III and a white iPhone 4S. Both, dropped down from the same height on their front, back and sides. The results are quite surprising!

5.Collection of Angry Brid(1)——All Versions and Walkthrough

Collection of Angry Brid(2)——All Versions and Walkthrough

Angry birds was spread all over the world.Tt is definitely a very successful games.We believe that there are some of its fans in our readers.For everyone I collected all versions of angry birds, and the Walkthrough for it in these  two articles.

6.Samsung Galaxy S III vs. Galaxy S II: Intergalactic

What we're trying to do here is look closer at the differences between the two generations and find out what the upgrade costs and what it's worth.

7.NVIDIA showing off five new Tegra 3 games at E3

NVIDIA knows graphics. Their graphics cards are powering the most powerful gaming computers in the world, and are also found in the high-end Android tablets.

8.Best Android apps for public speakers

We’ve come to your rescue, and we’ve put together a list of some of the best apps for public speakers. We’ll guide you through making your speech to presenting it, and all you’ll need is the help of your Android device.

9.iPhone 4S vs. Android Phones: What's Better for You

In consideration of Interface Screen Size and Data Speeds,which is your  best mobile phones?

10.Galaxy S III changes pin layout, incompatible with previous MHL adapters

If you've pre-ordered a Galaxy S III and can't wait to see its display mirrored to the silver screen, add one more thing to that pre-launch shopping list: a new MHL dongle.

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