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Recently, MOBIUS FINAL FANTASY, the latest Final Fantasy Series JRPG developed by Square Enix, is available on Android and iOS. The amazing HD graphic in MOBIUS FINAL FANTASY is comparable to Final Fantasy XV. You will play as a man with no memory and begin your adventure during which you will meet a lot of people who is in connection with your destiny. Because of the FF's esoteric career system, you need to try best to control your character's skills and make it release infinite energy.

In the battle selection screen, players can not only confirm the number of physical and combat, but also can identify the upcoming attributes enemy and the enemy's intelligence. Once completed a level, you will receive appropriate remuneration which is very important during your adventure. In addition, just as other Japanese mobile games, you can choose one of the other players to help you at the beginning.


Combat operation

As the main part of the game, the fight operation is divided into "general attack" and "strong skills". The control method is very simple, click on the bottom right round fight button, then, you can launch a general attack. The energy element (ELEMENT) will be accumulated after general attack is launched. Accumulated to a certain extent, "strong skills" will be available.


During the war, using ELEMENT, you can not only attack the enemy, but also can defend against the enemy. When you collect enough energy elements (ELEMENT), a stronger skill, "ELEMENT DRIVE" will be available. So, "ELEMENT DRIVE" is much important in attack and defense with strong enemy.

After the battle, the system will score each victory. You can get your position in the weekly ranking.

Equipment and professional breeding system

Card elements also added in MOBIUS FINAL FANTASY, The battle team lineup is in accordance with a professional corresponding to 4 strong skills. You can edit the card and optimize team configuration, such as upgrading career, unlocking new skills and new weapons.


Cards are divided into Department of soldiers, mage Department Ranger Department three categories. Strengthening each card by according to its different attributes, you can stimulate stronger power for corresponding occupation.

Interested gamers can follow its official website to get more information.

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