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Roger Posted Jun 01 2015

Thanks to the well developed and thorough news app - Zite, the iPhone and Android phones are excellent news-reading platforms. As soon as I started using this "personalized news service" a lot more recently, I have to say that it has become an essential piece in my daily news consumption and discovery workflow. Zite, offering auto-adjusting personalized reading, feeds you content based on what's popular in your social networks, articles you've read, and how you've rated them. Zite works surprisingly well with app size to be 19.6M and it is free, which is a news app that every phone owner should download.

Zite Review

Zite Experience:

When you first launch Zite, it will display to you a handful of categories, such as Sports, Breaking News and Earth Science. There are also a trio of boxes that let you sign into Facebook, Pocket, and Twitter. It will analyze your linked social networks and the feeds you select to dig up related articles from multiple sources.

Zite Review

I started my Zite reading experience in "Your Top Stories," which displays relevant content based on the categories I have selected. Zite not only served up Sports, Breaking News, and Earth Science based on my picks, but also some headline news and popular stories, which can be activated or deactivated within the settings section. It is great since I am able to catch up with a few important and trending stories in dedicated sections.

Zite Review

Interface of Zite:

Like most newsreader apps, Zite displays content in reverse chronological order, which is an effective way to display pages. Its layout is simple, but highly attractive. The front page has a handful of Top Stories, which combines images and text combination mimics a newspaper or print magazine's layout.

Zite Review

The Personalization and Sharing bar along the right gives you the option to give a thumbs-up or -down to an article, which helps Zite learn your reading preferences. You can also specifically tell the app to give you more stories from a particular source, author, or topic. There are sharing options that let you post pieces to Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, and other services.

Zite Review

Offline Use:

Zite isn't designed to work offline at all, which is frustrating for travelers and commuters. When there's no connection, the app may load overview pages with excerpt text, but there's no cache of the full content behind the blurbs. There's no way to effectively use the app without an Internet connection. Besides, unlike most traditional news apps, Zite doesn't give users the option to pull in feeds from specific sources.

Zite Review

The Pros:

  • Great design and UI
  • Learns your news preferences
  • Personalized content, thumbs up and down tabs to improve your content

The Cons:

  • Can't access full stories offline
  • Unable to add your own news sources

Conclusion: Zite is a visually appealing news app that learns what you like to read the more you use it.

Score: 9/10

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