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Chien Tung Hai, CEO of Actoz Games, attended a mobile strategy conference held at the JW Marriott Hotel with VP Wan Soo Lee.  “2015 will be a brand-new starting point for Actoz Games to penetrate into the global market,” said Chien. “We will combine the exceptional global service of Actoz Games with the outstanding development experience of Eyedentity Games to create a great synergy.”


Actoz Games reveal their mobile game business strategy and lineup for the next few years in late May. They intend to strengthen their mobile business through systematic global service and global game IP acquisitions.

Their first steps will take advantage of existing online game IPs such as Dragon Nest, Dungeon Striker, and La Tale, which are very popular globally. Their flagship online game, Dragon Nest, is published in 68 countries with more than 200 million registered users and has reached a peak of 900,000 concurrent users. Currently more than 3 mobile games are in planning under the Dragon Nest IP: Dragon Nest: Labyrinth, Dragon Nest: Legends, and Dragon Nest: Origin.

Dragon Nest 2: Legends

High-quality action RPG with over 20 explosive skills. Players will confront gigantic raid bosses and reach 500 years into the past as they uncover the hidden lore of Geraint and Argenta. This highly anticipated continuation of the Dragon Nest saga will be a mobile experience unlike any other. (Q4 2015)

Dragon Nest: Labyrinth

Strategic action with adorable anime-style characters. Players must combine the best of the best to explore the world of Dragon Nest with 4 different specialists. Detailed character customization plays a vital role in gameplay.  (June 2015)


Dragon Nest: Origin

A recreation of the original online RPG Dragon Nest with exceptional graphics. The perfect challenge for players who enjoy strategic team play and extreme raid bosses.

Dungeon Striker: Code M

A mobile version of the hack-and-slash action MMORPG Dungeon Striker with a strategic party system of tanks, damage-dealers, and healing characters. Players engage in battle with compelling enemies as they upgrade their characters, skills, and items. Diverse game modes include intense1-on-1 PvP, battle royale with multiple players, raids against epic bosses, and an exciting ranking system.

Dragon Nest Vs Dungeon Striker

A new game born out of two popular titles. All-out war on a large scale with offensive and defensive stances. This mobile game will provide a thrilling experience for players who love Dragon Nest and Dungeon Striker.

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