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With 1.3 billion people, the Chinese mainland market is no doubt a large market attracting countless excellent mobile game developer worldwide. Meanwhile, the local developers in this market also want to bring their products outside the home market. As we all know, there is a big esthetic difference between Chinese gamers and EU/NA mobile game developers. That's why few EU/NA mobile game developers can get succeed in Chinese market, also, rare Chinese mobile game developers can get succeed in global market.

However, this condition is being changed recently.


On May 20, App Annie announced the global mobile app income ranking of April. From the ranking we can see that in the top 5 developers, only Supercell and King are from the West, the other 3 are all from the East, which are Tencent who published lots of hot mobile games, GungHo Online whose flagship title is Puzzle & Dragons, and a brand new face: NetEase. How can this Chinese company become the 4th in the ranking in its first time listed on the ranking? The biggest hero is no doubt its mobile game "Fantasy Westward Journey", which was launched on March 26th.


NetEase also announced on May 20th, which is its first "Game Fans' Day" that Fantasy Westward Journey's number of simultaneous users has become more than 1.7 million, and the number of new register users has become more than 20 million. What's more, just a short time after the conference, the number of simultaneous users has become more than 2 million. All of these proved that Fantasy Westward Journey has become the most successful IP adapted work. Before all of these, lots of influential media have reported this game, including PocketGamer, 2p.com, Business Monitor and Reuters. Though it still needs some time for this young product to get the extensive international influence like Supercell's Clash of Clan and Boom Beach, do notice that it has only been launched in iOS platform for 2 month. Its high-growth is unparalleled by the other mobile games.

Tencent, who expanded the market by its social platform, and NetEase, who follows the path of providing best quality games, have become the top Chinese power in global mobile internet market. With more and more Chinese developers marching on the global market, the world's mobile game market is being dyed with oriental colour. In this impact of the East and the West, who will become the winner? Though the result is hard to predict, we can see the fact that more and more global mobile games are getting the Chinese element to ingratiate themselves with the Chinese market, which is quite compelling.

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