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SavySoda, a well-known indie iOS studio today announces the scheduled launch of their new project Pixel Starships on KickStarter next week on May 26th. Pixel Starships is the world's first total starship management game in an 8bit massive online universe. You will control every aspect of your ship and battle it out to prove galactical supremacy.

Pixel Starships

Besides the launch on KickStarter, the game is also scheduled to launch at the end of this year on iOS. According to the developer, the game is set to completely change the genre of Sci-Fi strategy games by combining FTL style gameplay into a World of Warcraft style single massive multiplayer environment.

Key Features

  • Build Epic Starships of your own design.
  • Many races, aliens, factions.
  • Battle it out with other players in a single massive online universe.
  • Manage diplomacy, trade, recruitment, research, exploration, manage ship's power and limited resources. Discover epic weapons.
  • Cross section full ship control and battles.
  • Issue situational commands to ship and crew allowing automatic combats and offline play.

Pixel Starships

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