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The Galaxy S series of phones is the dream of every Android fan. Being the best of the best,

these handsets have always represented the best that Android has to offer, mostly due to

their spectacular specs sheets and real-life performance. The Samsung Galaxy S II, which

came out last year, was so successful that it could hardly be challenged by any model that

launched in the year following its release. However with this new breed of quad-core

smartphones, Samsung had to refresh its otherwise still strong offering, by introducing a

successor. That successor is, naturally, the Galaxy S III – a beast of a phone that comes

to reaffirm Samsung's leading position and fight off the contenders looking to dethrone it.


However, since we know that a lot of you guys are still rocking that trusty GS II, we wanted

to take a look at how the new model compares to the old one, and exactly how much of a

reason there is in upgrading from the GS II to GS III.


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