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Trivia Crack is one of the best apps in education that contains a large number of mixed questions to keep your mind sharp. I wondered why it's always at the top of free and paid rankings in both Google Play and APP Store, so I tried it and found the answer. It's more funny than I imagined to collect the six characters.

Trivia Crack can arouse my desire to win while I am answering the question. There are two different modes of gameplay: Classic and Challenge. Classic mode is very similar to playing chess, one should answer first, and the other answers after the opponent finishes. I've attempted to search the right answer from PC, but I give up playing tricks then, because Trivia Crack startes to count down before I finishes entering question on Google. I have no choice but to rely on my own strength. 30 sec is too short.


Though Trivia Crack makes me sad for an incorrect answer ended my turn. Equally, I felt excited while seeing the notification message that tells me the opponent fails as well. Haha, that's great! My chance comes again. "Please spin to the last category, sport education, then I'll win!" I think. The whole process is stimulating, fun and challenging to me. It's a good smash hit game to increase the interaction between friend indeed.


Science, Entertainment, Art, Geography, Sports and History are covered in Trivia Crack. Besides, it allows players to upload the user-created questions! In the challenge mode, you can't spin to any category, differently, both players will be presented with the same six questions from each category. The player who gets most correct answers will be the winner of the challenge! And the challenger can get the character from the opponent.


If you spin and land on a crown, the crown questions are the ones that matter most because if you collect all six characters you win the game. If neither contestant has collected all six characters after 25 rounds, the game ends and the person with the most characters wins.

◉ Share achievements
◉ Combine wit and strategy
◉ Challenge friends to a duel
◉ Chat live with friends and opponents
◉ Suggest, rate and translate questions
◉ Test your knowledge in various areas

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