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It is always easy for horrific things to get people's attention, and arouse their curiosities. No matter how scared, they will carry on. Today, we are going to introduce some horror-themed mobile games, which are inundated with uncanny pictures, creepy music and horrible environment. Gamers who look for excitement and get crazy for elements of horror should never miss the following games. And for the timid, think twice before you read on.

Abandoned House

Here is the worst mobile game in the world. You will find in a dark, abandoned house his girlfriend. 250 250 darkest places and paranormal will not let you do it quietly. Children's laughter and gnashing claws of monsters in the dark will not let you relax. Cold sweat will act on your skin from the chilling fear and terror.


Abandoned House will not be as abandoned. Set of ghosts, ghosts, monsters, zombies, mutants, the walking dead will scare you to death. You can easily get lost in the many corridors and rooms. The house is a lot of floors and doors. The game will appeal to fans of games like House of fear and fear House - Escape, stalkers and the Goths. Lovers of horror movies and scary games. Dead children, rotten corpses, ghosts in the mirrors, blood, scary sounds monsters will scare you constantly. Do not relax, because the game Screamer also present. You can enjoy the black humor and subsequently get into a psychiatric hospital. You will not be able to help a psychiatrist, because the demons are in your head.

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