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Actoz Soft Europe GmbH, a Germany-based publisher of mobile games and a subsidiary to Shanda Games, announced to launch their first free-to-play mobile RPG Dragon Nest: Labyrinth for Android and iOS later this summer on Facebook.


The 3D hack and slash mobile RPG Dragon Nest: Labyrinth offers a new take on the well-established Dragon Nest universe and lets players dive into the beloved Dragon Nest action on their mobile devices.

With an emphasis on strategically planned group and skill set ups, Dragon Nest: Labyrinth draws you in with an intense, non-targeting battle system. Enhance your skills by collecting the monsters you defeat until you and your Monster Collection Book brim with pride.


The ultimate goal is to reach the end of the Dragon’s labyrinth to recover a long lost treasure that will help restore the world to a peaceful place again. At the start of their adventure, players can choose one of four currently available classes and begin slashing their way through dungeons with fast-paced combo action. The further the players go, the more party members can be unlocked for the harder dungeons.


The free-to-play game offers a wide range of PvE maps and dungeons as well as a self-matching PvP mode with global rankings. As another branch of the familiar Dragon Nest universe, it also comes with a massive selection of costumes to customize the characters and adapts the enhancement and heraldry system of the PC game. Interested players can see more information about the upcoming Dragon Nest: Labyrinth on the official Facebook page.

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