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Download manager for Android is a download manager app developed by Renkmobil was established in 2004 as a multi-national mobile services provider which attracts more than 3 million users. Compared with other downloaders, Download Manager for Android has 3 times faster downloads. Besides that, the Download Manager for Android offers users easy, convenient and efficient way to manage downloads, files including music, and to share through SNS. Furthermore, the Download Manager has great features which other counterparts don’t have, such as the authentication and integrity checking.

Web browser

Besides that the Download Manager for Android has 3 times faster downloads, its web browser has good speed too. Under normal network, its browser experience even is close to mainstream mobile browser like Chrome.

Like mainstream browser, it provides bookmarks manager for users to delete or add bookmarks easily. In the address bar, users can type URL directly or just choose address bar auto suggestion from history, which is so convenient.

Another great feature is the tab viewing. When many pages are opened, just press the button in the middle of bottom, and jump to any tab, or start a new tab.

Its search feature is great too. Users can type to search anything through built-in Facebook, Google, YouTube, Yahoo and Twitter etc, or just speak to search through its default speech recognition.

As you can see, the Download Manager for Android has complete key words or site navigation covering video, music, app, entertain, life inquiry and more sites. Users can directly click to search sources through these navigation or key words.

Take Download Zone as example, press the Top App, lots of free and popular apps and games can be showed to users, which are free to download.
In addition to features above, it supports HTML5 web page and videos Java Scripts, HTTP basic authentication for web pages, and ability to spoof browser's User Agent string to display web pages, and all of those features are unique and practical.

Download Manager and file manager

According to name of this app, the manager is one of key and powerful features. In the Downloads, the live downloading progress bar for speed indicator shows user live downloading. And it supports resuming of interrupted downloads, and users can pause. Restart, remove or delete any one or more at the meantime.
Actually, as a downloader, it support arbitrary download link, and can start downloads from your browser or email using the link share intent, or by entering the URL manually.

If users wanna download many files, even some of them are large in size, it’s fine. The Downloader Manager for Android support for threaded parallel downloads with multitasking, and even file over 2GB. Well, if you download a file over 2GB, but downloads broke after connection drops or device restart, it’s still ok, this download manager supports resume broken downloads and background downloading. After downloads finished, it will give users notification both inside the app and outside as well.

And links, texts, or images can be shared through popular social sites like Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Tumblr. Or just send file links as email attachment.

In the latest version of Download Manager for Android, it support setting downloaded music as ringtone, notification and alarm sound feature, and set image as wallpaper, lock screen, contact avatar, WhatsApp avatar.

Media player

The Download Manager is also a great media player which supports audio playback of .aac, .mp3, and .m4a formats and video playback of .m4v, .mp4, and .mov formats. User can start, pause, repeat and shuffle songs. Besides that, audio playback can continue with the screen locked. And it also support the display of album artwork embedded in .mp3 files.

Settings and Menu

About Options, the app gives users a relatively free customized space. Users can set in the network, notification and so on. Meanwhile, users can send feedback directly to the app developer, and send love if users like this app.

Functionality: 8.5
It provides users comprehensive features covering download, file manager, media player and web browser.

Interface: 7.5
Good, but the home page still has space to improved

Ease of Use: 8
Easy to use for any mobile users

Smoothness: 8
Generally smooth experience.

Practicality: 8.5
Very practical to use, especially some unique features it provides.

Availability: 8
Available for Android and iOS.

Download Manager for Android Download Manager for Android
Download Manager for Android: the Best Download Manager

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