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Spacetime Studios released a gameplay video series for Call of Champions introducing several core game mechanics including The Orb, Power-Ups and the Class System which are crucial in order for players to get a competitive edge in the fast-paced mobile MOBA.


The Orb

Who needs minions when you’ve got a glowing Orb of Death? Commanding the Orb is an essential part of pushing and defending lanes in Call of Champions.



Working with your team to control strategic objectives to give your team a boost is vital to victory in Call of Champions. The Power-Ups video can be viewed/shared via the video below:


Class System

The heroes of Call of Champions are divided into five distinct classes, ranging from the hardy Tank to the nimble Assassin each differing in their fight style and the way that the different classes interact with one another.


Featuring 3v3 matches that distill the traditional MOBA elements down to their core components with a 5-minute match time limit,Call of Championswill be available in 2015 as a free download on the App Store for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch and on Google Play for Android devices. Find out more game info at the official Facebook, Twitter and Youtube pages.


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