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DotEmu, developer and publisher specializing in modern releases of beloved retro games, announces that “Ys Chronicles 1” is now available on Android and iOS, in a multilingual version. Play as a strong swordsman named Adol Christin and find the six sacred books to restore peace on Esteria!

The godfather of Japanese action-RPG sagas is back in a new version specially enhanced for mobiles including brand new features:

Ys Chronicles 1

• Virtual pad

• Controller support (iOS & Android)

• Achievements

• Helpful hints to assist your progress

• Several soundtracks choices, including "Chronicles", "Original", "PC-88"

• Android TV-compatible

• 2 game modes: Adventure, Time Attack

• 2 graphic mode (adventure mode only): Chronicles, Original

• HD Menus

Download this game here:

available_on_googleplay available_on_appstore

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