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What’s the most important factor when you choosing a mobile game? The gorgeous background? The smooth operator? In my opinion, compare with these factors, the game’s connotation is more important. With the development speed becomes faster and faster, it is so hard for us to find out real insightful games for ourselves. Here, we will show you some creative mobile games on Android. Let’s have a look.


Botanicula, the latest adventure game from Amanita Design, is a game which is simultaneously charming and frustrating. In the beautiful and whimsical world of Botanicula, you will control a group of various insects who are trying to restore their world that's being destroyed by dark spiders.

The game is entirely dialogue-free, so you just have to tell what's going on through actions. Also, you must interact with the world in myriad ways to find the necessary objects and complete the objectives that will advance the story.


Now, Botanicula is definitely a game for people who can handle some abstraction in their adventures. This isn't due so much to the style of the game, which, being an adventure about insects in a magical world, perhaps qualifies as abstractly-themed, but due to the way puzzles are solved. The interactions can be hard to decipher, since so many things are only slightly interactive: they may move upon touch, but not actually do anything. Figuring out what's interactive and important and what is not is often an issue, and there was always one portion in each chapter that would fluster me in some way.


Botanicula does a great job at portraying its protagonists' emotions and creating a world that is at times goofy and other timess scary, all without uttering a word. It's a testament to the writing and art teams.

In a word, Botanicula is worth playing for the beauty more than for the adventure. It's a fantastic world come to life, and while it's frustrating to navigate at times, the experience of the beauty is the better reason to play it.

Download this game here:

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