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Sky Punks is the latest anime style parkour from Rovio Stars. Your goal is trying your best to go far and collect as many coins as you can, completing missions and earning neo crystals on the way.

In Sky Punks, each level is mostly a matter of swiping around in order to switch lane, jump, or duck which is a fast-paced affair. There’s always something to look out for and, objectives change frequently. Some levels might require you to collect plenty of stars while another might expect you to jump over numerous obstacles. So, you should pay more attention to what unfolds more so than usual.

Sky Punks

Just like other endless running game, once you die, you have to restart the game from level 1. If you want to restart from where you died, you can use one energy points or watch video. But, once you restart by this way, the second restart will cost 10 Neo Crystals, which you have owned during the game. By the way, when you finish a level, the bonus time will coming. Go as far as you can and you will earn coins and neo crystals.

Sky Punks

Moreover, there are many upgrades to unlock, gradually improving your characters’ abilities, as well as giving you a further sense of progression. Sky Punks always gives the sense that there’s something new to do or achieve, although that does mean that you run out of new levels to play through reasonably quickly.

In a word, Sky Punks is a particularly high class breed of endless runner, and one worthy of your attention. There are a lot of challenges waiting for you, and you’ll crave for another update.

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