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Highly-Anticipated Update includes Raid Battle and 7-Star Starter Unites for Brave Frontier is avaliable on Android and iOS now. Players from all over the world can enjoy this update.

Brave Frontier

Raid Battle allows high-level players to team up with other players to complete endgame quests to take down brutal boss monsters, where players have 30 minutes and three attempts to hunt down their target. Because of the challenging difficulty, players are advised to complete the raids with up to three of their friends online.

Brave Frontier

The rewards for completing Raid Battle missions include rare crafting materials to create exotic weaponry and items. Additionally, they can also earn Raid Medals, used in the Slot Machine found at Imperial Randall Capital, to win random high-level items such as stat boosts, experience gains, and more.

Focused on end game content, Raid Battle requires players to be at least level 100 if they wish to participate.

Brave Frontier

gumi Inc. has also released new 7-Star forms of Brave Frontier’s original six heroes – Vargas, Selena, Lance, Eze, Atro, and Magress. New 7-Star forms of the game’s Six Disciples of the Gods – Alpha, Tazer, Tora, Kanon, Kira, and Feeva – are also included.

Brave Frontier

These new version of Brave Frontier’s iconic characters have new Ultimate Brave Burst and Extra Skill attacks, and can be evolved from their previous forms for players with the correct evolution materials.

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