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Hardware and Design

Firefox OS aims at the emerging market, so the ZTE Open just packs a 3.5” 480×320 display, 3.2MP camera, 800MHz processor, 256MB RAM and 512MB ROM.

Take Open in hand, its 3.5” display and body look tiny and mellow. Anyway, compared with large-screen phone, the Open is comfortably to hold.


Its Notification is like the Android, dropped down from the top of screen.

Dialing interface

Build Quality

Because of its marketing position, the ZTE Open even doesn’t have front-facing camera, and its body adopts plastic material. Around the body, there is only a visual home button.

Its battery is removable, but back cover is so tight, a little bit difficult to open. Generally, the battery could keep around a day

Feature UI

Its UI is not so different with Android that we see. So, It's still easy for users to handle it quickly.

Camera Shots

Lock Screen

Like the Android, time and date can be seen on the lock screen, also including a camera shortcut.

On the home screen, swipe to left is the search page, to right is the apps list.

App and Games

​Firefox OS is based on HTML5, which just meets carriers tasty. Actually, built-in apps can be ran offline. So you still make phone call, send message without connectivity.

But third-party apps are not so good. 21 out of 36 apps that we installed can’t run offline. And those 3-party apps running offline rely on the local cache actually. So a large ROM is so necessary.

Currently, there are not so many apps on the Firefox, but those available apps are still good in quality. Games on Firefox OS are just some simple games.


Tho the Firefox OS is a brand new system, but we still can find lots of Android concepts on it. Again, for its marketing position, the ZTE Open is still not a bad choice for emerging market.

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