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Fantasy War Tactics, the latest mobile strategy role-playing game (SRPG) developed by NEXON GT that will be the company’s next step into entering the mobile gaming market in the US and other international territories. Like classic SRPGs before it, the game will offer turn-based tactical battles and a huge variety of playable characters, though the game will also offer competitive battles.

Fantasy War Tactics

To kick off the announcement, NEXON Korea is looking for prospective adventurers to join a beta test for Android users in North America and Europe starting April 21 and ending on April 30. Players can pre-register and qualify for future in-game rewards (up to 250 in-game currency) here.

Fantasy War Tactics

In Fantasy War Tactics, players will make their way through a single-player adventure as an ambitious wizard bent on conquering the world—only to find that another wizard has beaten them to the punch. Over the course of the campaign, players will unlock new heroes and items that will aid them in both single-player and multiplayer battles. Players will need to use smart tactics on the battlefield that take advantage of movement, terrain, ranges, and hero skills, while strategizing about the best teams to build from their ever-growing roster.

Fantasy War Tactics

Fantasy War Tactics will draw upon the engaging, isometric, turn-based gameplay of classic SRPGs, offering a stacked roster of 50 playable hero characters that players can recruit completely free of charge, in-depth character development, and challenging turn-based battles. Players can also use the game’s social features to gain extra support by adding friends online, which lets them borrow additional heroes for their own adventuring party.

Fantasy War Tactics beta sign-ups begin today. Interested gamers can sign up for beta now.

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