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MIUI V5 is one of excellent Android-based ROM from China. And the newborn Smartisan OS also give us some highlights in some humanized details. Today, we gonna bring you a comparison between these two customized Android systems.

Lock Screen

On the lock screen of Smartsian OS, There are shortcuts including phone call, message and camera.Press the power button once, the phone would be woke and unlcoked automatically. Whie the home button is just to light up the screen. The lock screen of MIUI V5 also has phone call, camera and message shortcut. And It's method to unlock is almost same with Jelly Bean, but that after lighting the screen up, slide down is to lock the screen.

Home Screen of Smartisan OS

No gadgets and tratidional folders. Background color can be changed, and words below the apps can be hid. Actually, the grid is the folder. One or several apps can be moved between these grids. Message, Chrome and Phone call on the button of home screen.

Animation is gorgeous when users handle the UI.

Home Screen of MIUI V5

Home screen of MIUI V5 has the common style in Android system.

Lots of wallpapers and theme are built in.

On the Smartisan OS left, users can choose the optimized app icons or the native Android icons, which is different with MIUI V5.


On the left of Smartisan OS, Users have 3 senonds to cancel the message that has been sent, and the length of time can be set too. Message UI on the right is the usual one that we familiar with.

Both calendars have Chinese lunar calendar. And the weather can be showed directly on the Smartisan left.


The system of Smartisan OS left can remind the users direction when taking photos in a overhead view.


Both OSs have built-in speech solution. On the Smartisan OS, user just speak the name of song, the system can recognize and play.


The UI isn't so different.Smarttisan OS allows users to share and delete directly.On the MIUI V5, there is a gallery on the cloud.




Both Smartisan OS and MIUI V5 are excellent Android-based ROM. The Smartisan OS focus humanized details, and the MIUI V5 has larger space for users to handle. Anyway, we will have a complete comparison after the Smartisan OS is released offically at 15th June.

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