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With Blackrock Mountain being the second solo dungeon for Hearthstone, we knew more about what to expect this time. We've sat on our thoughts for a few more days so that we can assess what's on offer from a more sober perspective.

First impressions are that while Blizzard learned some lessons from Naxxramas, Blackrock is still lacking in certain areas. In particular, there's been no improvement in the AI on offer. This is still very much an expansion you play through to get the cards. And possibly for the satisfaction of beating it on the ludicrous heroic difficulty.


How to get the cards

Like Naxxramas, each section of Blackrock contains three bosses and two class challenges. The first encounter is against the Grim Guzzler. He uses his free hero power every turn to summon a random minion both for himself and, helpfully, for you. He's easy to beat in the normal mode just by filling your deck with high-cost summons.

On heroic mode you can exploit a bug in his AI. If you've got Kel'Thuzad, put him in a deck along with a big, stable taunt minion like a Sunwalker or Lord of the Arena. After two minions, fill the rest up with spells. Your first two minions will come out in the first two turns and the Guzzler won't attack, knowing that doing so will just see the taunter getting re-summoned.


Shamans work best with this since they can keep summoning minions with the hero power, and fill their deck with direct damage, healing and replacement spells. But Mages can work too, with a bit of luck.

The second match is in the Dark Iron Arena against a deck full of legendary minions. Fortunately, although all the cards are powerful they don't synergise well together, so it's not too difficult to get through. On both difficulties, control decks that can do board wipes and steal minion control are the way to go. Freeze mages and mind-control Priests will see you right. Plus don't forget Faceless Manipulator to copy those tasty legendaries.


Emperor Thaurissan is the only deck that offers significant challenge. He starts with a minion that must stay alive otherwise he gets an instant win. However, his deck is full of area damage spells like Unstable Ghoul and Abomination to make that difficult.

An aggressive Priest deck is the solution. You can use heals to keep his precious wife alive, while smashing at his face with everything you've got. The class challenges are a piffle, with both decks playing themselves. There's literally no strategy at all to the Mage one, since you're give a deck consisting entirely of Unstable Portal, which summons random minions!

Source: pocketgamer

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