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Amid all the cloning news there is one ray of light known as Instantion - a game about cloning. Granted, it's not about cloning Flappy Bird or anything, but involves you cloning your digital body up to four times in order to activate switches and grab keys.

In other words, Instantion is a 2D puzzle platformer. In fact, its puzzles are very similar to those found in PC and console puzzle platformer The Swapper. On the other hand, its aesthetic seems to borrow heavily from Tron.


The main idea in Instantion is that you can slingshot seeds that spawn your clones around the screen. You just aim with your finger, let go, and you will fire a seed. This is used to get a clone to higher or lower platforms where a switch may lie. Creating bridges over gaps, moving lasers, and opening doors are all managed in this way.

The problem you're constantly working around is that your clones move as you do. This means that they'll run off switches if you run left, for example. It didn't take long for me to get stumped while playing Instantion. The worrying thing is that if the game gets much harder later on - it's going to be a real brain teaser.

Later there are ways to mod the clones so that they behave differently. There's even an Expert mode, which activates permadeath and instant saving for each of the 50 levels. You also get a better grade for being quick. Therefore, Instantion really isn't a casual puzzle platformer. It's tough and will really test your puzzle solving skills if you're up to it.

Via: pocketgamer

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