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HTC One: ISO104, Exposure1/60secs
Samsung Galaxy S4: ISO64, Exposure1/33secs
Sony Xperia Z: ISO64, Exposure 1/50secs

HTC One: ISO137, Exposure1/120secs
Samsung Galaxy S4: ISO80, Exposure1/33secs
Sony Xperia Z: ISO50, Exposure 1/50secs

Details under 4MP, the HTC One keep most details and best sharpness, followed the Galaxy S4 and Xperia Z.

Details under 13MP, details on HTC One become blurry because of its just 4MP camera, but its sharpness is still good. And most details and sharpness are lost on Xperia Z. While the S4 keep the best level.

100% zoom in. Limited to just 4MP camera, details can’t be zoomed in sufficiently, but sharpness kept well. Details on Xperia Z are fuzzy. And the S4 has the best quality. Same on the next image.

The 4MP UltraPixel camera has good performance on daily use, which is a little different with 13MP camera. and it is the  less pixel that make the image delicate and rich in color.

On the while balance, HTC One is stable, close to practical color, but a little bit lighter tho. The S4 is always rich in color. While the Xperia Z needs to be improved, its while balance appears bluer.

In order to make better comparison about white balance, the iPhone 5 is added. It can’t be denied iPhone always has good performance on white balance. It proves the conclusion above again. HTC One stable, S4 nice, and Xperia Z appears blue.

Shots under the light, the HTC One focus quickly and is stable. While the S4 and Xperia Z is always on the balanced state.

low-light shots below:

HTC One on the left is normal mode. Top center is night mode of S4. Bottom center is part of image under night mode of S4.

HTC One, normal mode; Galaxy S4 night mode; Xperia Z, enhanced mode.

From low-light shots above, HTC One has the best low-light shot ability, overwhelming the 13MP camera.

In a word, the HTC One does good job, tho details are not enough because of its 4MP camera. But it’s fine for ordinary users. In the low-light environment, HTC One has advantages over S4 and L36H. And the S4 is also one of the best, especially on white balance and details of images. While the Sony Xperia Z is not so good compared other two. Sony needs put more efforts on software improvements.

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