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Listen: Pixel on Toast's Silver Award-winning iOS game Impossible Road is heading your way at last. Seriously, it's no longer April Fools' Day, so this has to be true. Pixels on Toast has told us that Impossible Road will be going live for Android and Kindle Fire on April 8th.


Downward spiral

If you're unfamiliar with Impossible Road, it has you guiding a ball down a narrow and winding downwards road. You score points for passing each marked point. If you fall off the road, you have to restart. However, those skilled enough will make use of the couple of seconds of free fall you're allowed to skip large portions of the track.

In our review of this game, we said: "Impossible Road is habit-forming gaming at its finest. Visually arresting, refreshingly unique, and perfect for leaderboard battles."

Via: pocketgamer

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